E-Cigarette License in Dubai and the UAE

To initiate an e-cigarette venture, securing an E-Cigarette and Accessory Trade License is a prerequisite. In the UAE, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) is the designated regulatory authority issuing licenses for e-cigarette sales. With ESMA’s endorsement, licensed products are eligible for sale across regions without the need for additional clearances.

Securing the E-Cigarette Commercial Trading License

Commencing the process involves applying for the e-cigarette commercial trading license, obtainable through the Department of Economic Development or the Dubai Health Authority in the Mainland. This license is fundamental for seeking ESMA’s sanction.
For those looking to establish a vape shop within a free zone, the application procedure varies slightly. Free zone license applications are processed by the respective free zone authorities, bypassing the DED. Private Wolf extends its services for both these paths, facilitating a streamlined licensing process.

Achieving ESMA Certification in the UAE: Starting a Tobacco or E-Cigarette Trading Business in Dubai

Legitimization of your e-cigarette enterprise hinges on ESMA certification. This certification signifies compliance with the UAE’s regulatory standards and quality norms, affirming product safety. Operating devoid of ESMA’s endorsement not only invites legal repercussions but also endangers consumer health and safety.
The pathway to securing an e-cigarette license in Dubai encompasses the following stages:

Certificate of Free Sales

Your journey begins with acquiring the Certificate of Free Sales from health authorities or pertinent government entities in the product’s country of origin, affirming adherence to global quality and safety benchmarks.

Dubai Municipality License

Prior to ESMA application, securing a permit from Dubai Municipality (DM) is essential. This step legalizes your business activities and underscores your adherence to lawful practices.

E-Form Submission

Following the acquisition of the certificate and license, an e-form submission to ESMA is necessary. This form should detail your product and business specifics.

Document Preparation

Preparation of requisite documentation is the next step. These documents should include:

A copy of the Certificate of Free Sales
A copy of your trade license
A Product Analysis Report detailing the essential ingredients, and the chemical and physical properties of the products
A laboratory research report on the product
A company registration certificate

Certificate Acquisition

Upon submitting the e-form and necessary documents, ESMA will compile a consumer product registration report. Constant feedback on the report’s status will be provided by ESMA. Receipt of the certificate follows the completion of the report, marking the fulfillment of the licensing process.

Guidelines for E-Cigarette Business Registration with ESMA

To facilitate the registration of your e-cigarette business with ESMA, adherence to the UAE’s guidelines for electronic cigarette products is critical. ESMA imposes rigorous standards to maintain product safety and quality.

ECAS Certification for Tobacco Labels and Products

When registering your e-cigarette business with ESMA, you must:

Obtain a valid commercial license.
Secure trademark registration with UAE authorities.
Implement a QMS Manual at the manufacturing plant to meet minimum specifications (ISO 9001).
Acquire a name mark certificate and ECAS (Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme) certification.
Produce a UAE laboratory test report for materials specified in clause 4.1.11, carried out by an ISO 17025-certified laboratory like S GSO 597, valid for up to one year.
Present IEC CB Test Reports and Certificates in accordance with UAE S. GSO IEC 60335-1.
Hold an ISO 9001:2015 Certificate from the Manufacturer.

Required Materials

Your business must have access to:

Ethylene Glycol
Diethyl Glycol
Nicotine composition

Additional Requirements

Furthermore, you need to:

Provide data on dosage and nicotine consumption under standard or anticipated conditions.
Validate the expiration date on product labels.
Submit a risk mitigation report from the manufacturer.
Analyze levels of heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, nickel, iron, fluoride, and tin.
Verify distributor ownership for traders.
Compile a detailed ingredient list in descending order, including percentages, trade names, functionalities, emissions, toxicity, and supporting literature.
Provide a device battery test report in compliance with UAE S. GSO IEC 62133-1 and 2 and GSO IEC 60086-4 standards (for battery-equipped devices).
Include a Battery Charger Test Report as per IEC 60335-2-29 from an accredited laboratory (if applicable).
Ensure each flavor profile, formula, or nicotine strength has an individual test report.
Include images of the product’s score label.
Provide user manuals in both English and Arabic.
Present the production cycle profile with a flowchart.
Submit a complete test report during the renewal process.
Assert manufacturing claims about excluding restricted materials as per section 4.1.11 of UAE standards.
Confirm compliance with the GSO ISO 8317 UAE standard for child-safe packaging.

Launching a Vape Business in Dubai: Costs and Considerations

Initiating a vape business in Dubai requires a significant upfront investment. This includes expenses for registration, licensing, certification, and various other setup costs. The total startup cost can range between AED 15,000 and AED 25,000, influenced by factors such as the number of visas applied for, any additional government approvals needed, and the chosen location for the business.
It’s imperative to undertake a detailed financial analysis to fully prepare for these expenditures. While the initial outlay may be considerable, it’s important to view it as an investment towards the long-term success of your business. Achieving legal compliance not only enhances your business’s reputation but also provides a solid foundation for future growth.

Document Requirements for Operating an E-Cigarette Business in Dubai

To legally operate your e-cigarette business in Dubai, you will need:

A Trade License from Dubai Municipality
ESMA Certification
A Certificate of Free Sales
Detailed Product Information, including ingredients
Passport copies of the business owners and partners
A Lease agreement for the business premises
A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord

Advantages of Starting a Vape Business in the UAE

Embarking on a vape business venture in Dubai offers several benefits:

Market Demand: There’s a significant demand for smoking cessation aids, positioning vape businesses to capitalize on a growing market.

Regulatory Environment: Despite stringent regulations, the process for incorporating a business is streamlined and efficient.

Full Ownership: The UAE allows 100% foreign ownership, providing a distinct advantage for international entrepreneurs.

Tax Incentives: With a corporate tax rate of just 9% and no personal income tax, Dubai offers attractive fiscal benefits.


The Dubai e-cigarette market presents substantial opportunities for those willing to navigate the legal requirements. Securing an ESMA license is not only a regulatory mandate but also a step towards establishing a reputable and profitable business.
Adhering to UAE’s guidelines is essential for a smooth registration process. This guide aims to support entrepreneurs in launching an e-cigarette business in Dubai that satisfies market needs while adhering to all ethical and legal standards.

How Private Wolf Business Setup Facilitates E-Cigarette Product Registration in the UAE

Private Wolf specializes in navigating the legalities of establishing a vaping business in Dubai. We support you in acquiring an ESMA and trade license from Dubai Municipality, offering comprehensive services to manage your business and ensure full compliance with Dubai’s regulatory framework.

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