How Can I Get My PRAN Number In UAE?

The Personal Registration Acknowledgment Number (PRAN) in the UAE serves as a unique identifier assigned to individuals during the Emirates ID card application process. Essentially, it acts as a confirmation that you have successfully submitted your application and are now part of the system.

However, the PRAN is far more significant than a simple confirmation.

Think of it as your temporary key to accessing a wide array of services in the UAE, serving as your official gateway for:

  1. Visa Applications:
    The PRAN is often a crucial requirement when you apply for a new visa, renew an existing one, or change your visa type.
  2. Emirates ID Card:
    After receiving your visa approval, the PRAN allows you to track your Emirates ID card application. This card becomes your formal identification in the UAE. With your PRAN, you can monitor its status online or at any Amer center, renew it, or request a replacement if it gets lost or misplaced.
  3. Bank Account Opening:
    Many UAE banks need the PRAN to confirm your identity before opening an account for you.
  4. Employment:
    Employers in the UAE may require your PRAN to check your visa and residency permit status during the hiring process.
  5. Managing Your National Pension System (NPS) Account:
    For those working in the UAE, the PRAN connects you to your NPS account, ensuring your retirement is secure.

Advantages of Securing Your PRAN in the UAE Obtaining your PRAN in the UAE may seem like just another step in the bureaucratic process, but it actually provides numerous advantages for UAE residents.

Discover the Key Benefits of Obtaining Your PRAN:

Simplify Your Residency Process

Eliminate the hassle of paperwork and avoid delays with your PRAN, your unique identifier. This number enables you to monitor your Emirates ID application’s status online or at any Amer center, eliminating the need to follow up with officials or worry about lost documents in the bureaucratic shuffle.

Unlock Access to Essential Services

Your PRAN is your access pass to vital services in the UAE, such as

Opening bank accounts
Applying for a driving license
Renting apartments
Enrolling your children in schools
Accessing healthcare services
And much more

Establish Your Credit History

A strong credit history is essential for financial independence in the UAE. Your PRAN connects to your credit profile, smoothing the path for obtaining loans, mortgages, and other credit facilities in the future.

Gain Access to the National Pension System (NPS)

For those employed in the UAE, your PRAN directly ties you to your NPS account, ensuring you can contribute to your retirement savings and secure your financial future.

Facilitate Faster Visa Renewals

With your PRAN readily available, renewing your visa becomes more straightforward and quicker. It streamlines the verification process and ensures a seamless transition to your next residency term.

Eligibility Criteria for PRAN

To qualify for a PRAN, you must meet certain criteria

PRANs are issued to individuals, not to businesses or organizations.
Minors cannot independently apply for a PRAN.
You must possess a valid residence visa.
You cannot apply for a new PRAN if you already have a valid one in the UAE.

How to Secure Your PRAN Number in the UAE

Obtaining your PRAN is an uncomplicated process, achievable through both online and offline methods, ensuring you can easily integrate into the UAE’s system and access its wide range of services and benefits.

How to Obtain Your PRAN Number in the UAE

Securing your PRAN (Personal Registration Acknowledgement Number) in the UAE is a simple process that you can complete either online or offline. Follow this guide to obtain your PRAN:

Offline Method through Amer Centers or Typing Offices:

Prepare Required Documents:

A valid passport with a UAE entry stamp.
Your original visa copy (such as a residence or employment visa).
Two passport-size photographs against a white background.
Any additional documents requested by the Amer center.

Find the Nearest Amer Center:

Search for your closest Amer center, also referred to as typing offices, and head to the “New Residents” section.

Fill Out the Application Form:

Obtain the “Annexure S1 – Application Form for PRAN,” fill it out accurately, and include all necessary information.

Submit Your Application and Pay Fees:

Pay the required processing fees and submit your application.

Receive Your PRAN:

Collect a receipt that includes your PRAN number.

Online Method via Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) Website:

Create an ICP Account:

Visit the ICP website, register an account using your passport details, and visa information.

Initiate a New Pre-Registration Application:

Select the “New Pre-Registration Application” service and fill in the application form with your details.

Upload Documents:

Upload scanned copies of your passport and visa, adhering to the specified quality and format requirements.

Make an Online Payment:

Complete the payment for processing fees online.

Download Your PRAN Receipt:

Download the receipt which includes a unique reference number for tracking your application.

Checking Your Emirates ID Status in the UAE:

Visit the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security website, input your PRAN number (omit the hyphen) in the “Check ID status” field, press “Check,” and view the status of your application.
Alternatively, visit an Amer center with your PRAN number for staff to check and update you on your application’s progress.

Managing and Securing Your PRAN:

Protect Your PRAN:

Keep your PRAN confidential and only share it with trusted individuals. Avoid storing it in easily accessible online locations.

Safeguard Your Document:

Print and securely store a copy of your PRAN document.

Be Cautious:

Avoid clicking on suspicious links or emails that ask for your PRAN.

Update Your Information:

Notify the ICP or Amer center of any address changes to keep your PRAN linked to your current location.

Report Loss or Theft:

If your PRAN document is lost or suspected to be stolen, immediately inform the ICP or visit an Amer center for a replacement.

Maintain Valid Visa:

Ensure your visa remains valid to prevent PRAN cancellation.

Stay informed about any changes to PRAN requirements or application processes by checking the ICP website or official announcements regularly.

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