How to Sponsor Your Parents in the UAE

Sponsoring your parents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a process that allows expatriates to have their parents live with them. This guide will walk you through the essential steps and requirements for a successful sponsorship application.

Requirements for Sponsoring Parents in The UAE

To sponsor your parents in the UAE, certain criteria must be met, including proof of your relationship, financial stability, and meeting the government’s eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for Sponsor

You must be a resident with a valid residency permit, have a minimum salary threshold (as specified by the authorities), and provide proof of accommodation suitable for family living.

Duration and Limits of Parental Sponsorship

Parental sponsorship is usually granted on a yearly basis and can be renewed subject to meeting the required conditions.

Preparing for the Application

Start by understanding all the prerequisites and guidelines published by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).Gathering Necessary Documents. Key documents include your employment contract, salary certificate, tenancy agreement, and parents’ identification documents.

Health Insurance Requirements

Securing health insurance for your parents is mandatory before applying for sponsorship. Obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC)In certain cases, a No Objection Certificate from your employer or other relevant entities might be required.

Financial and Housing Arrangements

Demonstrate your financial ability to support your parents and ensure your housing arrangements are adequate.

The Application Process

Steps to Apply for Parent Sponsorship

1- Complete the application form.
2- Gather and submit all required documents.
3- Pay the necessary fees.

Submission through GDRFA
Applications are primarily processed through the GDRFA, either online or via their offices.
Online vs. Offline Application Methods
Choose between online platforms like the GDRFA’s website or offline methods, such as visiting their office directly.
Processing Time and Tracking
Processing times vary, but you can track your application’s status online.

Legal Considerations and Compliance

Understanding UAE Residency Laws
Familiarize yourself with the UAE’s residency laws to ensure full compliance.
Role of Typing Centres in the Application Process
Typing centres can assist in preparing your application correctly.
Legal Implications of Sponsorship
Understand your responsibilities and legal obligations as a sponsor.
Compliance with Visa Conditions and Renewal
Ensure continuous compliance with visa conditions and renew the sponsorship as required.


Can I Bring My Parents To Dubai Permanently?
Permanent residency is not typically available, but long-term sponsorship is possible.
Can Parents Get A Golden Visa In UAE?
Under certain conditions, parents can be eligible for the UAE’s Golden Visa.

Securing your family’s future in the UAE by sponsoring your parents requires careful planning and adherence to the local laws and regulations. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth process for yourself and your loved ones.

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