Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD): An Integrated Platform for Business

The Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), operated by ZonesCorp, is a purpose-built and well-coordinated industrial zone that serves as a highly efficient platform for manufacturing and logistics enterprises. Encompassing a vast range of clusters, ICAD presents an optimal environment for both heavy and light industries including, but not limited to, steel, metal, construction materials, logistics, food, and oil & gas.

ICAD: Strategic Location and Comprehensive Facilities

Located strategically in Abu Dhabi city, ICAD spans a total of 40 square kilometres and boasts an array of industrial clusters in ideal locations. Each cluster within ICAD offers a host of advantages such as cost-effective land plots, superior connectivity through sea, land, and more than 200 air routes from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, amongst other benefits. Moreover, ICAD provides top-notch facilities that meet the highest technical and environmental standards, making it the ideal home for a diverse range of industrial enterprises. For efficient and swift business incorporation, PW business consultants can provide expert guidance and assistance.

Diverse Business Sectors in Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

ICAD’s landscape is tailored to suit the needs of companies involved in manufacturing and logistics operations. ZonesCorp has permitted a broad spectrum of business activities in ICAD, in line with the requirements of these enterprises. These encompass:

  1. Engineering & Metals
  2. General Industries
  3. Chemicals and Plastics
  4. Oil and Gas services
  5. Construction Materials
  6. High Tech Industries
  7. Advanced Factory Units

Clusters: The Backbone of ICAD

ICAD houses five industrial clusters designed to augment the prospects of manufacturing companies operating within the free zone. Each cluster targets different business sectors and industries. For optimal cluster selection, PW business consultants can provide sound advice to investors.

  • ICAD I: This cluster is designed for businesses engaged in heavy to medium manufacturing, engineering, and processing.
  • ICAD II: The ICAD II cluster caters to sectors such as light & medium manufacturing, engineering, and processing.
  • ICAD III: ICAD III targets industries focusing on light to medium engineering and processing with an international outlook. This includes wood processing, engineering, chemicals & plastics, construction materials, high-tech businesses, food, and textiles industries.
  • ICAD IV: This cluster is apt for technology and light manufacturing companies.
  • ICAD V: Automotive or automobile manufacturing businesses can set up operations in ICAD V.

World-Class Infrastructure at ICAD

ICAD is distinguished by its robust and well-planned infrastructure. This comprises:

  • Industrial Land Plots: ICAD’s wide array of industrial plots offers business owners the advantage of a central connection to all major highways, road networks, airports, rail depots, and seaports. These plots are also equipped with robust connections for power, water, natural gas, telecommunication, and sewage services.
  • Clusters with Logistics Facilities: Each cluster in ICAD follows an efficient master plan and offers logistics services, enabling business owners to focus on their core competencies while enjoying cost-effective logistics and value-added services.
  • Quality Employee Accommodation: ICAD provides high standard living facilities for middle and senior-level managers, and accommodation for workers in ZoneCorp’s residential cities, conveniently located near the business facilities.

Setting Up Business in ICAD: The Process

Setting up a business in ICAD is a straightforward process for foreign investors. If the necessary documentation is in order, obtaining a license in ICAD won’t be a time-consuming affair. However, consulting with PW business consultants in Abu Dhabi could expedite the company incorporation process. The following steps must be undertaken:

  1. Define the business activity
  2. Choose a legal structure
  3. Reserve a company name
  4. Submit the required documents
  5. Choose a facility
  6. Obtain the license

Advantages of Operating in ICAD

ICAD provides a dynamic industrial ecosystem that fosters synergies, enhances efficiencies, offers value chain benefits, and promotes business growth. The key benefits of setting up a business in ICAD include:

  1. World-class, purpose-built infrastructure
  2. Wide selection of industrial plots
  3. Excellent connectivity to main highways, airports, ports, and railway routes (Etihad Railways)
  4. All industrial plots connected to telecommunication, water, gas, electricity, and sewage services
  5. Comprehensive facilities for logistics and services
  6. Proximity to residential communities and facilities, including schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centres
  7. Zero corporate tax & zero income tax

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