Twofour54 Free Zone: Empowering Media and Content Creators

Abu Dhabi’s celebrated free zone, Twofour54, was conceived as a hub for content creators and media-focused enterprises. Its rapid growth and the impressive influx of international investors it has garnered over the years stand testament to its success in realizing this vision. Attracting global players with its forward-thinking regulations, strategic geographic position, and unrivaled business support services, Twofour54 has positioned itself as a magnet for innovation and business growth.

A Prime Location for Media Titans

The world’s leading media houses, including CNN, Sky News Arabia, Image Nation, Bidaya Media, and Flash Entertainment, have all made Twofour54 their home base. They have been drawn to this dynamic free zone by its adaptable office spaces, cutting-edge production facilities and services, and talent development programs. Furthermore, Twofour54 has become a nurturing environment for start-ups, SMEs, and freelancers who seize the vast opportunities and networking potential the free zone offers. With the added advantage of setting up a company in Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city and the largest emirate, the appeal of Twofour54 is irrefutable.

A Broad Spectrum of Businesses in Twofour54 Free Zone

At the heart of Twofour54 is its recognition of a broad range of legal entities, each defined by its specific shareholder structure. The types of businesses that Twofour54 permits are:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company

Twofour54’s most recognized company structure, the Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), can be established with between 2 and 50 shareholders. These shareholders can be individuals, corporate entities, or a combination of both.

Branch of an Existing Company

Twofour54 also supports the expansion of both UAE-based and foreign companies by allowing the formation of branch offices within its premises. The only stipulation is that the branch’s activity aligns with that of the parent company.

Freelance Permit

For those preferring to work independently, Twofour54 offers a freelance permit, allowing individuals to register in their own name rather than a company’s. This comes with the added benefits of modern Flexi-desk facilities and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

World-class Facilities that Foster Growth and Innovation

Twofour54 is home to facilities that are designed to fuel creativity and innovation through collaboration, mentorship, and networking. These facilities include:

State-of-the-art Studios

Equipped with high-definition capabilities, Twofour54 boasts seven broadcast-ready studios. They come with amenities such as a production gallery, a cozy green room, and dressing rooms. Soundproofed and fully equipped with lighting rigs, they cater to every production need.

Back Lot

Spanning 300,000 sqm, the backlot at Twofour54 offers a diverse range of sets and facilities for all types of production.

World-Class Edit Suites

Twofour54’s state-of-the-art edit suites have earned the title “Post Production House of the Year” multiple times by Digital Studio magazine. They are dedicated to high-end finishing, compositing, and color grading for work up to 4k.

Screening Room and Meeting Rooms

Twofour54 houses a screening room that offers 16 raked seats, true 4k cinema projection, and Dolby surround sound. Meeting rooms are also available to accommodate anywhere from 5 to 200 people.

Other Amenities

Beyond being a place to work, Twofour54 offers conveniences such as restaurants, coffee shops, banks, gyms, and efficient public transport.


Twofour54’s #thelab is a creative space where professionals can work, meet, connect, or even just lounge.

Wide Array of Business Activities at Twofour54 Free Zone

Twofour54 permits an extensive range of business activities, from content production, publication, to other media-related services. This includes advertising, animation, film production, gaming development, graphic design, music production and recording, web design and development, and more.

How to Set Up Business in Twofour54 Free Zone

The process of establishing a business in Twofour54 involves a straightforward set of steps including the submission of a business form, obtaining approvals for company name & activity, and securing a regulatory signature from the Media Zone Authority, Abu Dhabi. Upon successful completion of these steps, a license is issued.

Incentives for Investing in Twofour54 Free Zone

Investors who apply for a trade license in Twofour54 enjoy a suite of benefits. These include 100% company ownership, exemption from income tax and corporate tax, no minimum share capital requirement, top-tier production facilities, a strong intellectual property framework, and a prime address in Abu Dhabi. Its strategic location also offers direct access to Middle Eastern markets and is conveniently situated just 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi airport and 50 minutes from Dubai.

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