How to Arrange Parental Sponsorship in the UAE

Eligibility and Requirements for Securing Family Residence Visas

In the UAE, residents with valid visas can facilitate residence visas for their relatives, providing they satisfy certain conditions. Notably, there has been a relaxation in the rules; employees can sponsor their family members regardless of their job designation as long as they earn at least AED 4,000 per month, or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. All adults over 18 years looking to sponsor their parents must also pass a mandatory health check.

Essential Criteria for Parental Sponsorship

For those living in Dubai and wishing to bring their parents to stay, a valid residency visa is required. The sponsor must meet a minimum income threshold of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 with housing included.

It’s mandatory for sponsored family members aged 18 and older to pass a medical fitness test at recognized health centers across the UAE.

Additional Notes:

  • Under special approvals by the ICP, a mother may sponsor her children.
  • A sponsor must apply for their dependents’ visas within two months of them entering the UAE with an entry permit.
  • The duration of a parent’s visa is typically one year and is independent of the sponsor’s visa length.
  • Job roles are no longer tied to visa sponsorship eligibility.
  • Individuals with dormant tuberculosis are still considered fit for residence, provided they undergo treatment and regular check-ups.

Medical Fitness and Government Health Centers:

  • Disease Prevention & Screening Center – Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Emirates Health Services

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Documenting Family Sponsorship

To sponsor a spouse or children, the sponsor must provide:

  • A completed application form (available online)
  • Copies of passports and photos of the family
  • Medical clearance for all family members over 18
  • Proof of marriage (if applicable), employment details, and accommodation

Special Conditions and Fees

Sponsoring both parents requires a deposit, and single-parent sponsorships are only permitted under specific conditions, such as a death or divorce, supported by official documents.

The cost related to sponsoring parents varies, generally falling under the family visa category. Expect to handle various fees and ensure medical insurance for parents is in place, meeting the minimum required standards.

Preparing for Visa Application

To avoid delays and ensure compliance, gather all necessary documents and understand the fees involved. Regular updates from the immigration office will keep you informed about the latest requirements and procedures.

FAQs About Family Visas in the UAE

Q1. Is it possible to sponsor your parents in the UAE?

Yes, ensure you meet the minimum salary criteria and other eligibility requirements first.

Q2. Can I sponsor my spouse in Dubai?

Absolutely, provided you fulfill the basic financial and legal prerequisites.

Q3. What are the fees involved in sponsoring my parents in the UAE?

A security deposit of AED 5000 per parent is typically required for their residency visas.

Q4. Can I apply for a parent’s visa if the rental contract isn’t in my name?

No, having a tenancy agreement in your name is crucial for visa applications.

Q5. Is it necessary for the applicant to be in the UAE during the visa process?

Yes, the applicant must be in the country to comply with the residency procedures.

By meticulously preparing and understanding the residency rules, you can effectively manage the sponsorship process and ensure your family’s smooth transition to life in the UAE.

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