The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has swiftly become a leading hub for businesses across the globe. This is primarily due to its strategic geographical location, lucrative economic policies, and progressive infrastructure. One of the critical components of the UAE’s financial system that foreign businesses should understand is the Value-Added Tax (VAT) system. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the VAT registration process in Dubai, UAE.

Understanding VAT in the UAE

Value-added Tax, better known as VAT, is a consumption tax imposed on a variety of commodities, products, and services. The tax is levied at different stages of the supply chain, thereby increasing the value of the product or commodity from the point of manufacture to its distribution or sales.

VAT has been widely adopted by over 160 countries around the world, including the European Union. The UAE and other GCC countries adopted the VAT system at the beginning of 2018, setting the rate at 5%. VAT registration is obligatory for all businesses operating within the UAE, regardless of the sector or size.

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Eligibility for VAT Registration

The eligibility for VAT registration in Dubai, UAE is determined based on the annual revenue generated by a business. The three criteria that guide whether a business needs to register under VAT are as follows:

Businesses that provide taxable goods or services and generate an annual income exceeding AED 375,000 are required to register under VAT.
Businesses generating an annual income of less than AED 375,000 but more than AED 187,500 have the option to register under VAT. This category falls under voluntary registration.
Businesses that generate an annual income of less than AED 187,500 are not required to register under VAT.

How to Register for VAT in the UAE

The UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) provides an accessible online platform for VAT registration. Business owners can submit the online application form and necessary documents for VAT registration on the FTA website.

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Before initiating the VAT registration process, the following documents should be prepared:

  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the business.
  • Copies of owner’s and partner’s Emirates ID.
  • Copy of the business trade license.
  • Copies of owner’s and partner’s passport.
  • Company contact information.
  • Details regarding business category and conducted activities.
  • Information about the business bank account.
  • The most recent annual income statement.

The application form on the FTA portal will ask for details about the applicant, contact information, banking details, VAT registration specifics, and a declaration. Once these details are verified by the FTA, the application is approved and a Tax Registration Number (TRN) is issued.

Benefits of VAT Registration

Benefits of VAT Registration

Registering under the VAT system in UAE brings several benefits to a business:

  1. Avoidance of penalties.
  2. Formal requests for VAT reimbursements can be made.
  3. Enhanced business opportunities.
  4. Improved company profile.
  5. Simpler management compared to other indirect tax systems.
  6. Reduction in tax evasion.
  7. Increased revenue generation.
  8. As a neutral tax, VAT can be levied on all business categories.

VAT Group Registration

Multiple businesses can form a group and pay a single tax, thereby attaining a single VAT number. Businesses registered under this Group VAT registration scheme are allowed to submit a single financial return.

To establish a VAT group, each business must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The business entity should have a Place of Establishment or Fixed Establishment in the Emirates. The Place of Establishment is where the business is legally based in the UAE, while a Fixed Establishment is where a business conducts its operations regularly or on a permanent basis.
  2. There must be an economic or administrative connection between the business entities forming the group.
  3. One or more business entities within the group must have controlling power over the others.

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