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Family Visa in Dubai, UAE


The Basic Principles of Family Resident Visa Sponsorship

A UAE family visa allows foreign citizens living in the UAE on a residence visa to bring their family members to the country. However, to be eligible for this, certain conditions and prerequisites need to be met. The foremost of these is the requirement of a legal residency permit for the expatriate intending to sponsor their family members.

The UAE law extends the privilege of family sponsorship to all expatriate residents, provided they hold a valid and legal residency permit. It is important to note that not every foreign resident can sponsor their dependents; specific criteria must be met for eligibility.

Criteria for Sponsoring Family Members

For male expatriate residents in the UAE, they are permitted to sponsor their immediate family members, such as a spouse and children, given they meet a minimum income requirement. This requirement stipulates that the resident must earn a minimum of AED 4000 or AED 3000, inclusive of housing facility.

Before March 2019, the privilege of sponsoring family members was restricted to expatriate employees belonging to specific job categories. However, a revised amendment to the UAE law now permits employees of any job category to apply for a family visa. This amendment allows an expatriate employee to bring their immediate family members to the Emirates and initiate the residence visa procedures, given they meet the specific minimum income requirement. For more detailed information on this, the GDRFA website serves as an excellent resource.

In cases where the father is unavailable or not eligible for sponsorship, a mother can sponsor her children. However, if the father resides in the Emirates and satisfies the “sponsor prerequisite”, the mother’s eligibility to offer sponsorship might be limited.

Visa Application Process and Duration

The timeframe to apply for a residence visa is 60 days. The sponsor is required to complete all the necessary formalities within this stipulated time, following the dependent’s entry into the UAE.

The visa duration for the sponsor’s family members varies based on several factors related to the sponsor, including the type of profession, labor contract, and the sponsor’s capability. In general, the residency visa is usually issued for a period of one to two years for overseas employees, whereas foreign employers are typically allotted a visa duration of three years.

Age-related restrictions are applied to the sponsor’s family members regarding the residency visa’s duration. Usually, the sponsor’s visa duration applies to the sponsored family members, with some exceptions. The residence visa issued for parents and education-seeking male adults is valid for one year, and the sponsor’s visa duration is not applicable in these cases.

Stay Updated with Changing Regulations

Please note that the above-mentioned rules and regulations may undergo revisions or modifications. When applying for a Dubai family visa, it is crucial to meet the sponsorship criteria as outlined above. You can also apply for your family visa in UAE through the local GDRFA office in the Emirates.


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