Offshore License

Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

Dubai offers an unparalleled blend of financial security, tax advantages, and privacy, establishing itself as a premier offshore business destination. Uniquely, Dubai’s regulator does not disclose any financial information to other countries, providing a safe harbor for businesses and high net-worth individuals.

  1. 100% company ownership is granted to foreigners, regardless of nationality.
  2. No corporate tax is levied on JAFZA offshore companies.
  3. Investors can open bank accounts in the UAE under the company’s name.
  4. Owning real estate in Dubai is easily facilitated through JAFZA offshore companies, including properties on the Palm Islands or those owned by Emmar Nakheel Company LLC, Dubai Holdings, and other approved entities.

A minimum of one shareholder is required for offshore companies, and this can be a corporate entity. The capital structure of the offshore company is determined by its shareholders.

At least two directors are required for a offshore company, but the appointment of corporate directors is prohibited.

Every JAFZA offshore company must have a designated secretary.

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